Schooled on a Saturday

It’s the first Saturday in February. Thing2’s basketball team has grown to five members. They’ve drafted one of the player’s big sisters to get two teams of three for an impromptu scrimmage. The brother and sister act like a most six- and seven-year-old brothers and sisters would on a basketball court, but most of the competition is friendly and fun.

In a matter of weeks, the coach has turned this mini mob – some of whom could hardly dribble in December – into a team. Thing2’s multi-talented superhero alter ego, Superdude, only occasionally makes appearances when he’s waiting for a ball to come back into play. Mostly, though, our six-
year-old is focused.

The dad-turned-coach has taught them to dribble and pass. He’s taught them to shoot and guard. And most of all, he’s spend his Saturday mornings schooling them on the fine art of fumbling and falling – and even losing – and walking away with a smile.

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