The Bears are Back in Town

Every spring, without fail, at least one morning trip to the garden is marked by the discovery of an overturned composter. Unlike the weeds that I’m working to smother as I completely overhaul my veggie garden, I don’t have much control over where the bears wander and what they will smash. If you compost andContinue reading “The Bears are Back in Town”

Poem: Murder Most Foul

I’m thinning basil seedlings.Eggplant, you’re next.I’ve killed dozens of pepper shoots,mourning the products ofseeds that worked so hard,tossing them out the door.Only the very best survive.The cat runs by with a chipmunk who may escape her maulbut will more likely end up in the middle of the yard,his entrails split over the new-cut grass whileContinue reading “Poem: Murder Most Foul”

Lawnchair Psychology

The weather experts kept pushing back the storms’ arrival time yesterday, so we decided to get the chicks out of their indoor enclosure and into the outdoor tractor for a little playtime.  We still get some cold nights, and they’ll go outside full-time when we hear more clucking than peeping. That can’t happen soon enoughContinue reading “Lawnchair Psychology”