Poem: Murder Most Foul

I'm thinning basil seedlings.Eggplant, you’re next.I've killed dozens of pepper shoots,mourning the products ofseeds that worked so hard,tossing them out the door.Only the very best survive.The cat runs by with a chipmunk who may escape her maulbut will more likely end up in the middle of the yard,his entrails split over the new-cut grass while… Continue reading Poem: Murder Most Foul

Lawnchair Psychology

The weather experts kept pushing back the storms’ arrival time yesterday, so we decided to get the chicks out of their indoor enclosure and into the outdoor tractor for a little playtime.  We still get some cold nights, and they’ll go outside full-time when we hear more clucking than peeping. That can’t happen soon enough… Continue reading Lawnchair Psychology

Journey of a Thousand Miles

Yesterday I went to the hospital for more bloodwork, including a coronavirus antibody test. Pain in my chest and lungs still keeps me mostly sedentary, with the exception of our daily walk. Even though I walk only a few additional feet traveling between my bedroom, study and living room, but it feels as if those… Continue reading Journey of a Thousand Miles

Organically Grown

Somedays the wind is howling around the mountains. Other days, the sun is pointing out every new bud in the forest. Even when it’s grey and the back section of our trail is more pond than path, though, at four o’ clock, at least one kid and one adult will ask if we’re all ready… Continue reading Organically Grown

Are You Our Mama?

It was almost uncomfortably warm on Saturday so we let the chicks into the chicken tractor to play while they’re current enclosure was cleaned. It was a good chance for them to really meet Jim, Princess Jane, and Katie. Jane and Jim inspected the chirping babies and, discovering that the tractor was secured by wiremesh… Continue reading Are You Our Mama?

Green Victorious

When I was a kid my parents and some friends rented a community garden plot in Baltimore. Our yard was mostly gravel and shade, and I remember the first summer my dad carrying on about the victory garden his parents had when he was a kid and the experience he wanted to replicate. We got… Continue reading Green Victorious