Poem: Murder Most Foul

I'm thinning basil seedlings.Eggplant, you’re next.I've killed dozens of pepper shoots,mourning the products ofseeds that worked so hard,tossing them out the door.Only the very best survive.The cat runs by with a chipmunk who may escape her maulbut will more likely end up in the middle of the yard,his entrails split over the new-cut grass while… Continue reading Poem: Murder Most Foul

Lawnchair Psychology

The weather experts kept pushing back the storms’ arrival time yesterday, so we decided to get the chicks out of their indoor enclosure and into the outdoor tractor for a little playtime.  We still get some cold nights, and they’ll go outside full-time when we hear more clucking than peeping. That can’t happen soon enough… Continue reading Lawnchair Psychology

Speaking of Organic

When we first moved to southern Vermont, we noticed official-looking helicopters frequently flying over our town of 300 at certain times of the year. Wondering what, in the middle of nowhere, could be of interest to any officials, we asked around and learned that at least one property owner was farming 100% organic Mary Jane.… Continue reading Speaking of Organic

I Wonder What Would Happen

The great thing about having raised teenagers is that, when your perpetually adolescent cat puts his front paws up on your plant shelf and starts sniffing the various items that are ‘in his spot’, you know exactly what he’s thinking. There’s a plum tree right outside my window, and the late spring has produced an… Continue reading I Wonder What Would Happen

Are You Our Mama?

It was almost uncomfortably warm on Saturday so we let the chicks into the chicken tractor to play while they’re current enclosure was cleaned. It was a good chance for them to really meet Jim, Princess Jane, and Katie. Jane and Jim inspected the chirping babies and, discovering that the tractor was secured by wiremesh… Continue reading Are You Our Mama?

Ladies in Waiting

Princess Jane was much more welcoming than we expected when we opened the box of week-old chicks and gently deposited each one into the shaving-filed aquarium where they will live until they feather out. She had, after all, just come inside from disemboweling a chipmunk who made the mistake of venturing out of the woods,… Continue reading Ladies in Waiting

Portrait of a Real Pussycat

Anyone who has watched Princess Jane on the prowl, pouncing on helpless mice and chipmunks, would question the use of the word “pussycat” to describe a laidback or gentle personality. Then they’d look at her brother, Jim, cautiously peering out the window to make sure all the snow has melted before stepping outside the slider… Continue reading Portrait of a Real Pussycat