Something New

Illustrating a blog for the better part of six years helps you accumulate a surprisingly sizable pile of sketches and paintings, even if you’ve been selling them here and there. I’m not the brightest bulb in the box, so took a few times rearranging my tiny studio before that I have an Etsy store where… Continue reading Something New

Charting the Course

  One of the fun things about self publishing a children's book is that in addition to the many hats you get to wear (I love hats) as writer, illustrator, layout girl, and official chocolate tester, you learn a lot about the rules that govern the creation of many books your own kids read. Did… Continue reading Charting the Course

Pea Picker

i'd like to tell you I have a veggie garden because I'm really into organic everything, but the truth is there's nothing quite as satisfying as watching my kids fight over fresh greens.  In my defense, I have stopped telling them the peas were candy. You can buy prints and cards of this painting here

Guilty Pleasures

  I know the Big Guy is not the only married man who becomes paralyzed with terror anytime he hears his wife utter the words, "I have an idea."  To be fair, usually the ideas involve holes in the ceilings and wall-sized holes in the walls (for the wall-sized window of course). The only time… Continue reading Guilty Pleasures