Good to Know

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, and Vermont and got its first foot of snow for the season. Skiers were giddy. The woodstove was roaring, and, almost five years to the weekend after we got back on the grid, the power was out (again). I'd gotten up at 5a.m. on to get the apple cinnamon oatmeal slow… Continue reading Good to Know

Watching a Saturday Go By

Working weekends torpedoes your social life, and, when you work at home with most of your work friends in different cities or states your social opportunities are limited to begin with. I compound those factors with a relatively introverted personality — I had almost perfected the shut-in lifestyle before I decided to go back to… Continue reading Watching a Saturday Go By

Just Another Day

Two kids playing two different sports, with one assistant coaching the other, and our morning routine has shot to H E double hockey sticks. We have not made the bus more than once in the last three weeks, and Monday was no exception.  Monday was a two sport day with a golf tournament two towns… Continue reading Just Another Day