Good to Know

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, and Vermont and got its first foot of snow for the season. Skiers were giddy. The woodstove was roaring, and, almost five years to the weekend after we got back on the grid, the power was out (again). I'd gotten up at 5a.m. on to get the apple cinnamon oatmeal slow… Continue reading Good to Know

Saturday Gave Away

Friday the 13th rounded out this last week which also included a full moon and a lead into the upcoming week before Christmas creating what one meme called a “Teacher Trifecta of Terror” (it can be kind of scary for parents too). Friday was actually pretty lucky for me. There were no meltdowns. Everyone got… Continue reading Saturday Gave Away

A Room with a View

Thing1 and I spent most of the day at Dartmouth- Hitchcock looking out the window of his room toward the great foggy north known as New Hampshire. The mountains disappeared and re-emerged from the clouds that has to around us all day, and they set the perfect view for our mood. Thing1's Ulcerative Colitis required… Continue reading A Room with a View