Drawing Lots

Pneumonia benched me well before Covid-19 invaded neighboring New York State, but my son’s severely compromised immune function was already forcing considerations about whether and how to keep working at the residential school where I teach. Our school immediately implemented Herculean measures to reduce the likelihood of infection. The experiences of other assisted living communities… Continue reading Drawing Lots

Radio Silence

   For the last month, I've been wondering if my bipolar disorder had evolved in to something more insidious as the chorus of demands created by a stint of intense overtime at work and holiday social obligations amplified, drowning out much of what matters to me - fitness, writing and even family from time to time.… Continue reading Radio Silence

The Ministry of Organization

This may come as a shock, coming from someone who blogs (I don't brag about it either) about being a bad housekeeper (blogs - not brags), but I am not naturally organized.  Staying organized always seemed like a juggling act that required advanced skills.  I pick my battles, but the need to organize my day… Continue reading The Ministry of Organization