She who Doodles


For the first two and a half years of making doodles for my blog so I don’t have to pay for someone else’s royalty-free visions, I’ve steadfastly maintained the idea that I’m not an artist.  That label is something from a dream I dreamed in another lifetime.   I finally got tired of worrying about labels and decided to create an e-book of my doodles.

At first I wasn’t sure I had enough pieces to cobble together into anything.  I was hoping to get 20 or 30 sketches together, but after spending a few weeks going through drawings and paintings, that number got a little bigger.  It got to over one hundred, and I realized that I spend a lot more time doodling than I’d ever thought.

Some of them I love. Some look like something I could have done in high school.  But all of them tell me one thing.  She who doodles, is a doodler – but also very much an artist.  That’s not a label or a dream.  That’s my life.

1 thought on “She who Doodles”

  1. Rachel, I have always found your drawings, sketches, and illustrations of the highest artistic grade and I will tell you why–because I’ve never seen one sketch of yours that required words to tell the story. I am always fascinated by your ability to share such heartfelt messages with mere color, theme and devotion to an “artistic” craft. You are an artist of the utmost definition. Repeat after me,”I Rachel….”


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