Watching Paint Dry and Other Adventures


It’s a pretty unusual Saturday in that we have nothing scheduled except to work on things we’ve been needing to work on for weeks and months.

For me, the need to work on is my eBook, It’s a Sketchy Life. Today’s adventure is made possible by a generous grant from our social life which has agreed to take a few weeks off of being in plays, and going to workshops or parties. It’s being made more fun by the fact that today I’m writing between breaks from painting a magnetic wall in my new studio (more on that in another post).

Thing2 was kind enough to observe that my masking tape outlines were a bit off but that it was clearly a design choice (it will all be white when I’m done). I’m not sure if it’s the glow of the coloured pencils or the fumes from the magnetic paint, but I think I’ve just discovered that watching paint dry – under the right circumstances – can be really fun.



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