I’m working my way through a mountain of laundry to get Thing-One ready for sleep-away camp.

It’s the first dry sunny morning in days, so I decided to hang my first load outside instead of on the racks in the laundry room.We have a new compact telescoping line. Our old one died in a thunderstorm, and this one cost way too much.  I was sniffing the drying blankets as I hung shirts and shorts and suddenly realized how much more the new laundry line holds than the old one. “Yay,” I said to Katy-the-Wonder-Dog (she does a lot of wondering).  Then to myself, “How empty is my life that a bigger laundry line is a highpoint of my morning?”  Then I wondered did it really main my life is all that empty, or is my life – most of which occurs between the kitchen and the laundry line – so full that I can actually take a minute and be happy about such a little thing.

I decided to take the half-full approach on this one and went in to start another load.

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