Dispatches from the Vacation Front – A Still Life

There's a lot to be said for changing the scenery, but there's nothing wrong with seeing the sights while putting your feet up.
Some summers we're all about new cities, museums and mountain ranges. Most summers, though, we park ourselves for a family reunion along the shores of Lake Michigan.
We know the scenery pretty well, but without the demands of work, I manage to see something new every day.
This summer, I have a standing morning meeting with seven-year-old Thing2 over a Monopoly board. Afternoons are dedicated to swimming and dinner prep with the family. When the last dish is scrubbed and the youngest child is kissed goodnight, however, my butt has a standing appointment with our couch.
I spend a good amount of that time writing, but I've also dedicated a bit of time to getting better at drawing – at learning to see. We've all begun to relax in earnestt, and the doodling has begun spilling over into the day – so has the learning to see.


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