Presents in Mind


Thing2 is about to be nine this week, but we celebrated last weekend when his grandparents (Grandpa was here celebrating his 75th birthday) were visiting.

Saturday Grandma and Grandpa suggested a late  lunch and invited T2 for a birthday shopping trip afterward.  We went home and didn’t see them again until the sun was behind the mountain.

T2’s hands were empty when he walked in the door, but his smile confirmed that the afternoon was a ‘success’. The shopping trip had taken them to the bookstore and village market in Cambridge, NY.  On the way home they stopped by Norman Rockwell’s covered bridge for a walk, and T2 got to have a Grandma and Grandpa to himself for a little longer.

The Big Guy and I dragged Thing1 to see a production of ‘Lion in Winter’ that night (culture and a bit of history for the PSATs – what more could a 15 year old kid ask for on a Saturday night?).  And Thing2’s special day with Grandma and Grandpa stretched into the evening hours. The master of the 72-hour playdate, Thing2 decided to extend the special day even further on Sunday by inviting himself to go for a walk with Grandma and Grandpa after his party guests had left.

For some reason, he seemed to have forgotten about picking out a present.

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