Domestic Fine Art

My sister- in-law has the dubious honor of being the first overnight guest to the attic studio since it got a much needed facelift.
It’s much cozier now, but it still has my trademark made-up bed with completely mismatched sheets and linens. You might think this attractive little set up was planned, but between hanging every scrap of laundry on the line for the last 10 years (which creates an interesting rotation for linens and socks) and being a confirmed domestic anti-goddess, any attractive set up in our house is purely accidental.
The one exception to this accident is the quilt on the bed. It’s Maria Wulf creation. She posted on her website as she was making it, and I just knew I had to have it. It wasn’t rational, but knew it was mine.  Looking at it on a bed duct out with four different colors of sheets pillowcase and throw pillows, I realize it was a perfectly rational choice.


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