Gratuitously Yours

I’d like to say that I’m too an committed an artist to post gratuitous cat pics, but anyone who’s held me back from adopting yet another porch kitty will tell you that statement wouldn’t be authentic.

Gentleman Jim joined me in the mornings when I don’t have to get up too early. He makes an excellent wedge, keeping my foot in place so I can tap on my tablet keyboard.

For a while, when I watched him chasing after Katie-the-wonder-dog, I thought he wanted to be a dog. Then we watched him chasing after his littermate as she worked to single-handedly decimate the mouse population in our yard, and we thought he wanted to be a hunter. But it’s in the mornings when he’s lounging on my feet, demanding Thing1 continue scratching his head, that we realize he knows his true calling is to be served with love and obedience.

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