Keep Your Head in the Clouds

So this happened while I was hunched over my keyboard working inside today. I know it was just this morning because I had looked for the first open day lilies when I came back from my morning errands before diving back into the mom cave for work.  I keep my head pretty well buried in the Q&A of my job most of the day, but sometimes it pays to get your head back in the clouds.

1 thought on “Keep Your Head in the Clouds”

  1. Love your work Rachel. Found you on Jon Katz’ blog. Im an 88-yer-old woman living in Central California. I’ve fought depression and weight all of my years of remembrance.
    So sorry to hear of the serious health problems of your sons. Hot weather about to take us in completely here in Central California. Love living here most of the year, but summers? Well, we are grateful, grateful for air conditioning. Still living alone. Going on a cruise to Alaska early Sepember. Traveling companions; twin sister and our daughters. That should be interesting, what with our reliance on walkers, etc. I hear they rent electric scooters, so we have each reserved one. How much fun that should be. Again, love, your blog and your beautiful art work.


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