Along Came a Spider

“Burt?” I could feel my right eyebrow going up. “ From UPS?”
“No, Mom,” Thing1 grinned at me as he shoveled Mandarin chicken into his mouth. “The spider.

“What spider?”

“The one that lives in my car. He’s really friendly.” There wasn’t a trace of sarcasm or BS in T1’s voice. “He rides on my lap when I’m driving.”

“He does!” Thing2 chimed in, backing up his older brother and making it official. 

T1 has a new pet. 

I don’t think he’s flipped his lid, and there aren’t any credible reports of a brother experiencing side effects from a medication his sibling is on, so I’m chalking T1’s adoption of Burt as a sign that six months of illness and uncertainty haven’t squashed his generous outlook or his sense of humor.

There are other theories, I’m sure, but i’m sticking with the positive one.

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