We Time

Equinox before Fall, 5” x7”, Oil

I was talking with another painter friend this morning about our creative routines. I said I tend to do my nonfiction writing or programming in the morning or daylight hours after work when my brain is an analytical mode. as much as I want to paint plein air outside, I always end up painting at night, starting when the kids go to bed and ending when I can’t hold my eyes open anymore.

He laughed and said, “I’m the same way. I find I write fiction best at night.”

We both marveled at how the different avenues of creativity seem to open up more fully at different times of day (or when your brain is at a different level of exhaustion and, possibly, open). It was pretty clear that you don’t have to exactly pick your creative battles exactly, but you may have to get just as creative with your scheduling.

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