Start Your Engines

I’m getting to that place with oil’s, we’re having a practice now to have an opinion about how I want my workspace to function.

I’ve been using an old table easel that had a drawer built into it. It was great for hauling my plastic cups full of brushes and pencils, but was kind of a pain when it came to working on smaller canvases.

Tonight after work, I packed the boys into the car and made the hour drive to Saratoga to one of the big art supply stores to get a good table easel. It’s sturdy and will even get small enough to hold the little 4 x 6 pieces I like when I can’t(shouldn’t) paint past midnight. It’s a little higher than the old one, but I think painting oils with it is going to be like adapting to a performance car. Once you start getting used to the medium, You want to open the throttle and see what you can do.

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