Open Art under the Apple Tree

Under the Apple Tree, Oil, 11×14

This weekend is the open house at Bedlam Farm in Cambridge, New York. It’s hosted by Maria Wulf, the fiber artist and best-selling author Jon Katz as a celebration of art and brought life.

It’s become a semi annual ritual for me, a chance to show and sell art and connect with other artists friends connected by a love of rural life.

Wednesday I started to practice paining because I’ll be doing a demo on Saturday. I’ve just started painting outside, and experience is phenomenal. I had the boys with me when I started this painting so I had to take a few notes with my brush and a bit of ultramarine finish the bulk of it at home.

One note I made sure to take what is a clump of orange in the middle of the field turning yellow and brown. It was a cloudy day, and it seem to be the main source of color, but, even three days before the start of the open house/festival, surrounded by artists arriving with their work and chatting with Maria who has been waving her wand and share in the work of local artists for many years now, the day seemed pretty colorful.

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