Battenkill in the Shoulder


Oil on Canvas, 8″x10″, $125

Normally by this time of year, peak foliage has come and gone. It’s been wet in southern Vermont for much of October, so the colors haven’t been magnificent, when they’ve been dramatic, it’s been too yucky out to really appreciate them.

October’s half over now, and the mountains by my favorite field near the Battenkill are nearly naked as Vermont goes into that quiet shoulder season between summer and foliage tourism and skiing. this year, we are getting a little gift in the quiet. The trees at some of the lower elevations are still relatively clothed, and what is left is nothing short of glorious.

Prints and originals (when still available), can be purchased on Etsy here.

2 thoughts on “Battenkill in the Shoulder”

  1. Beautiful painting and you put the final touches on it in words it with your wonderful narrative. Next best thing to being there.


  2. I pause when I read your blog in order to enjoy it more. And your painting makes me want to go there.ive been away from Vermont for too long. Thanks for bringing it to me.


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