What Part of the Word Chronic Don’t You Understand, Mom?

it’s 5 AM, And all is right with the world. We Celebrated Father’s Day dinner the night before so we could sleep in, and the house is vibrating with the sounds of soft snoring. My furry gray and orange foot-warmers are sleeping at my feet, and the rain outside is the perfect White noise machine.

Then comes the phone call. I’m trying to get me on my cell phone and then the house phone. Worried he may have food poisoning and unable to pass anything, he calls for me to bring him his home remedies. I bring them, and as he takes the medicine, we make plans for when we go to the emergency room.

Food poisoning, or any other digestive issue, is an entirely different ball game with ulcerative colitis even when you think you’ve cured the bulk of the chronic illness by removing most of the affected organ. The thing is, a chronic illness is never really gone.

i’ll check on him in another few minutes, and will figure out a game plan. All will still be mostly right with our world regardless of the strategy because, as his disease has taught us all over the last few years, there are good mornings and bad mornings, but the good ones still outnumber the bad.

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