Repost: Let It Shine


If you are lucky, there will be some people who enter your life–or whose life you enter–who have such a profound effect on you that just thinking of them can lift your heart, spur you to do the right thing, or just keep on going when you think you can’t.  You may not see them every day. You may not see them for years, but their very presence in the world is one more defiant beam of live in a world that can sometimes seem bleak.

When an artist or writer dies, their work keeps them alive. When a truly loving person passes away, her love still shines through in everyone she touched.

I know it is possible for the world to be less good because someone like this is gone, but, for me, it will not be. It will not be because, like so many others who have passed through her life, I’m not going to let it go. I’m going to make it shine.

About the flower and the post: Statice is for remembrance. This is a repost from 2016 just before a beloved aunt passed away. Sunday night her sister, every bit as dear passed away, reminding our family how fleeting and precious the time you have with the people who move through your life.


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