Katie the Wonder Dog and Princess Jane may come from different litters and different species, but they are sisters in almost every way.

When Katie goes out to play, Jane usually trails close behind. If I poke my head out at night to call the cats in, Jane will bide her time (Jim come right in to claim his spaces on the humans) until her big furry sister signals that she, too, might want to go in and lie front of the wood-stove.

Most nights the three of them will camp out in my office. Jim sleeps on my arms on my desk or paper recycling basket. Jane, however, often ends up on the dog bed, and I am never sure if her choice is an act of sisterly affection for the spaces where Katie has been or a little good-natured sisterly competition for the things she thinks they should both have.

I don’t know about the rest of you with sisters, but  this question’s a tossup for me.

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