This is Not a Cat Blog

This is not a cat or pet blog, but if it were, I’d write that I’ve always thought of dogs as the guardians of their humans and cats as our benevolent dictators. I’m not sure what I’m seeing in Jim-Bob this weekend, but I am seeing a lot of him.

When I wake up, Jim is curled up in the scooter chair right next to my bed. As I fall asleep, Jim is settling himself into the crook in my arm. When I get up for a bathroom run or to roll down the hall for a change of scene, he is behind me and then in front of me and then right next to me all the time.

I’m no cat psychologist, but he seems to be trying to reassure the both of us that everything is all right. Either that or, like any reasonable monarch, he’s making sure the peasants stay strong enough to keep his dish filled and his head scratched.

1 thought on “This is Not a Cat Blog”

  1. In my humble experience, cats always know when you are unwell. My tortie Annie used to jump on my back at every opportunity and would ride around with me bent over, like a fool. But when I came back after my spinal fusion she never even attempted to jump on me. Cats just know what you need. We have one that looks so much like your lovely boy. Hope your foot heals well and soon!


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