Little Piggies

While I’m working on art for art’s sake, by limiting myself to one art/craft fair for the summer. The unintended consequence of making art and not selling it is that you accumulate a fair amount of it, And not all of my little piggies, as I’m calling them, won’t end up going to market, and not all of my little piggies, as I’m calling them, will end up going to market.

I’ve been very good about not trashing canvases I don’t like. Almost every piece I make might get painted over when I go back to inspect it after a few days away, but I’ve had a watchdog protecting the proof of my “progress .”

Thing2 is taking on the role of taste maker and under 30 art critic in our house. As a musician, he is, naturally, willing to comment on other forms of art. he’s always, for sentimental reason, also been protective of any art that mommy makes. If he senses a piece might go into the trash or get painted over, he has a history of asking for it or even spiriting it into his black hole of a room.

Someday , he’ll either be Sitting on a small fortune of art or have a nice pile of fire starters. In the meantime, it’s nice to have at least one serious collector of my work in between the increasingly infrequent fire sales.

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