The Not So Bad

Scattered (WIP)

Most of the time I hate Ménière’s disease. When you’re not being violently rocked as you try to get to sleep at night, you are hugging the floor trying to get the world to stop looking like a ceiling fan that gets stuck on a quarter turn, and then resets itself before Turning again. There are perverse times, however, like right now, When the salts and crystals in my inner ear, create the sensation of being on a an inflatable raft on Lake Michigan on a gentle wave kind of day.

In two weeks. I’m going into the hospital to have a procedure that will probably cost a good amount of hearing in the affected ear in exchange for getting my life back. The trade is going to make it easier to drive and work with some stability. Even though I won’t miss the vertigo and the falls, I’m trying to commit tonight’s gentle wave sensation to memory. It’s a lesson that even the things that make life really hard sometimes, can bring an unexpected smile to your face.

2 thoughts on “The Not So Bad”

  1. I so understand the urge to commit even the tough stuff to memory… feelings, sensations, emotions. Wishing you every success with that procedure. And, truly truly truly, your creativity is rocking. It feels like you are just blooming when it comes to your abstract art. It is so beautiful and evocative.


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