Vagabond Jim and the Humble Heroine

Katy the wonder dog tolerates a fair amount of teasing about her wimpiness. Some of it she earns. She lets the cats have the first bite at the food bowl, and they regularly bully her out of her own bed. But as the beneficiary of her undying and unfounded loyalty over the last decade, I… Continue reading Vagabond Jim and the Humble Heroine

From Mac on the Occasion of his 17th Birthday

  Wanting to protect him in his formative years, I’ve never written Thing1’s name on this blog. On the occasion of his 17th birthday last week, however, Thing1 went on a walk-about up the back of Mount Equinox, the highest peak of the Taconics. It was from the top of the Equinox, about 4PM, that he… Continue reading From Mac on the Occasion of his 17th Birthday