Come Together

We weren’t late, but we weren’t early enough to Thing2’s band concert to have a good seat selection. The elementary school band is small, and I was surprised by the crowd. The concert program revealed that the middle and high school bands would also be performing. It’s a small school system, so I was still… Continue reading Come Together

Creative Blocks and Rocks

Back in April, just about the time I was trying to untie my creativity from a paralysis of over-analysis and get the last few pages of The Truth about Trolls laid out, Thing2 was exploring his and putting my resolve not to limit it to the test.  His spring time creative effort led to a rock pile… Continue reading Creative Blocks and Rocks

The Care and Feeding of Giants

When Thing1 gets on a new diet kick, The price of frozen concentrated orange juice on the commodities market gets thrown out of whack. Lately it's been apples and oranges--clementines to be exact. It's also been lemon on everything, instead of adding salt oil.  Yesterday, for drawing practice, I picked out one of the clementines… Continue reading The Care and Feeding of Giants

Just Another Day

Two kids playing two different sports, with one assistant coaching the other, and our morning routine has shot to H E double hockey sticks. We have not made the bus more than once in the last three weeks, and Monday was no exception.  Monday was a two sport day with a golf tournament two towns… Continue reading Just Another Day