Feline Friday and The daily Zero K

In an apparent attempt to prove that the world would be better off run by members the next generation, the boys have been dragooning me — for my own good — into a very short ZeroK walk around the house every day since I’ve been sick. Thing1’s rationale is that there is nothing that even… Continue reading Feline Friday and The daily Zero K

From Mac on the Occasion of his 17th Birthday

  Wanting to protect him in his formative years, I’ve never written Thing1’s name on this blog. On the occasion of his 17th birthday last week, however, Thing1 went on a walk-about up the back of Mount Equinox, the highest peak of the Taconics. It was from the top of the Equinox, about 4PM, that he… Continue reading From Mac on the Occasion of his 17th Birthday

In It Together

My sons are the center of my life.  They are the center of my husband’s life.  Today, Congress began changing the future drastically for my eldest son by endangering his ability to obtain insurance when he is an adult.  Today Congress rolled back Obamacare, and with it, protection for millions of people with pre-existing conditions… Continue reading In It Together